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Uploading documentation with Confluence API Rest

Confluence API Rest In this post I will talk about how uploading documentation using the Confluence API Rest. Projects are in constant growth and documentation in constant deprecation. To avoid that, some times it’s required to automatise documentation procedures so documentation shows latest changes. In our case we want to inform which data entities provide our Data Warehouse and basic properties that clients will be grateful to know like distribution, data types or column purpose descriptions. Due we are using Okta integration, we have to ask for a Confluence Service User with Creation rights in our desired space. We don’t want Delete rights to avoid problems removing wrong pages. OnceRead More →

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Tableau – Web Connector ElasticSearch

Tableau – Web Connector Elasticsearch Recently we managed to add a WebConnector to connect Tableau to our AWS Elasticsearch instances. Tableau provides a Web Data Connector SDK to play & test different connectors from community. WebConnector A Tableau web data connector gives you a way to connect to data that doesn’t already have a connector. Using a web data connector, you can create and use a connection to almost any data that is accessible over HTTP. This can include internal web services, JSON data, XML data, REST APIs, and many other sources. Because you control how the data is fetched, you can even combine data from multipleRead More →

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Taming your project management tools

Recently I asked myself how to improve the way I manage my projects & daily tasks. Currently I’m using JIRA to manage our Sprints, issues, features and ideas to evolve our projects. Besides, I’m used to writing my own tasks, notes and crazy occurrences on pen and paper. I have my own notebook where I draw everything, but it became too unstructured. So I moved to two notebooks, one for keeping my actions to take and meeting minutes and another one for drawing algorithms and arch ideas. I prefer to capture my fleeting ideas on paper, it’s easier & more flexible to get out than drawing boxes andRead More →

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Pysolr – Import items to Solr with Python

Pysolr – Python client for Solr Solr is an open source search platform that allows us to full-text search, highlighting, faceted search & real-time indexing. I love to use it in my own projects (ex. where I need to search entities by text, categories or some facets that define them. It’s quite easy to set up a initial cluster and start querying.Read More →

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